1. The big new thing in Little Pork Chop v0.57 is whitelisting. If your Twitter account isn't on the whitelist you won't be able to post. You can ask to be on the whitelist by posting a comment here. Please read the instructions carefully.

  2. In addition, it's been built with a new set of libraries. This should be a transparent change, but you never know. Be on the lookout for problems, and please let me know what you were doing when you hit the problem, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.

  3. And it's now at a new shorter URL: pork.io. It should automatically redirect from the old address to the new one.

11/19/14; 04:13:44 PM

Sorry -- we're no longer whitelisting people for Little Pork Chop. There's a new product called Electric Pork, it does the same thing as Little Pork Chop, but it runs on your Mac. Read more about Electric Pork in this blog post, or download the software and get started right away.

11/19/14; 11:38:56 AM

11/19: It's coming back. See this post for details.

There was a major increase in use of Little Pork Chop a couple of weeks ago, when it was discovered by spammers, apparently as a way of working around Twitter's spam detection system? I don't know. But thousands of messages were going out every hour, most of them spam, directed at individuals in many cases. I never anticipated that it would be used primarily in this mode, and it's totally not something I want to support.

Perhaps I'll find time to make Little Pork Chop an invite-only affair, rather than being open to the world. I'm sure it's not hard to do, but I already am over-committed. If you have a strong feeling about it, please post a comment below. But if you're a spammer, wanting to use it for spam, please don't plead your case. Pointless.


11/16/14; 10:24:07 AM

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By Dave Winer, Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 10:24 AM.